LED display common faults and processing methods

The screen does not show:


A: check the power supply condition of screen body, test pencil or multimeter is used to inspect if there is A electric switch connected with electrical side. Switch may appear problem, or short term.

B: synchronous display with computer, first check whether the computer is to enter a dormant state; If enter dormancy, first entered the "control panel", click "power management", "system wait" and "close monitor" option to choose "never" option, so that the computer not dormant, screen can work normally; If you don't have to enter dormancy, can open the box to see if control card and communication cable plug, check whether there is communication cable bolt. Basic to solve the above problems.


The display file is not complete or wrong:


A: first of all check "display position" in the software and the "screen size parameters and installation engineers to agree, if you don't remember, can to the screen body count the pixels of length and width," screen size "is determined, can display area on the screen to see how much difference, adjusted and then return to the computer, until the position match.

B: such as display incomplete check if the file size and screen "screen size".

C: open the case check whether the control card is fall on the conductive body.


communication screens communication not:


A: check whether the parameters in the software and installation engineers to consistent.

B: check whether the serial port is a prison, communications line if there is a break.


The screen shake, has stripes:


Check the connection of computer common ground wire is loose, or whether the communication cable is loose.