About LED display

 Q: What is the Maximum. Inter space (gap) between cabinets?

A:  Inter space (gap) between cabinets within 1.5 mm for outdoor and 0.5mm for indoor.

 Q: How to make the installation structure ?

A: We offer the installation structure design drawings for customers, and the design can well fit your installation conditions.

 Q: Do we need to follow some sequence in installation and keep every cabinet in its right position?

A: All the cabinets are modular and every cabinet can be in any position, so there is no need to follow any sequence in installation since the sequence can be setup by software after installation.

 Q: What is the cooling system of the display? Does the display need air conditioner?

A: Every cabinet has fans for ventilation. We suggest customer to equip several industrial fans inside installation structure for ventilation instead of air conditioner.

 Q: How to wire the cords and cables?

A: Every cabinet one pair of power cords (output/input), and one pair of data cable (output/input), we make wiring instruction drawing for every order, customers only need to follow the instruction drawing.

 Q: Which wiring is better, concealed wiring or exposed wiring?

A: Concealed wiring is more stable since less connectors in wiring. Exposed wiring is more convenient for operation, and easier and faster for replace any cords or cables. For permanent installation, we recommend concealed wiring, for rental displays, we recommend exposed wiring.

 Q: Can we do maintenance from front if the rear space of installation is very limited?

A: Yes, some of our displays support front access, you can take out modules and other accessories from front side. The displays support front access are: outdoor P25, P20, P16, indoor P12, P10, P8 etc.

 Q: What is the minimum resolution to play a video?

A: W 256 x H 192 pixels = 49152 pixels