Solution of problems most frequently occurred
 Blind LED, controller problems, some rows or columns out of control, image disorderly, etc.
Phenomena Analysis Solution
1.Whole screen does not show any image a. AC power not connected well Check main power source and power cable, test the AC voltage on power supply
b. Power supply is not working a. Check the switch is on the right position
b. Check the cable connected with the power supply is loosen or not
c. Check if there is DC output of the power supply, otherwise changed a power supply.
c. Computer can’t start a. Check the right voltage of the country: 220V, 110V.
b. Check and re-install system of computer: driver for graphic card; sending card; and other software conflict with system.
d. No DVI output signal(from computer):the green lamp of sending card is not flashing Change display mode into CLONE mode in graphic card setting
e. Main UTP cable is broken.(after the above steps, the green lamps in the first cabinet still not flashing) Replace a new UTP cable from sending card to first cabinet
2.Whole screen display abnormal color a. DVI port is broken a. Change graphic card of computer
b. RJ45 connector is broken b. Replace a new RJ45 connector
c. Sending card is broken c. Change a new sending card
3.When starting LED studio, a window reminds :LED screen system not found a. The RS232 Cable is not well connected b. the COM port of the computer is broken. Reconnect the RS232 cable between the COM Port in computer and sending card.
4.Can not set up RCG file RS232 cable is broken Change a new COM cable
5.Whole screen blinking with high brightness and abnormal image RCG file is not well set Reload the correct RCG file in “software setup” of LED studio and save in receiving card
6, Each cabinet shows the same image CON file is not set Reload the CON file and save on the receiving card
7, The image on the led display is showed in a confused order The CON file is not set correct according to the data cable connection of the display Reset the display connection page the same with the data cable connection mode when viewing from the front of the display.
8, The brightness of led screen is low and cannot changed Sending cards is not stable Replace a sending card
9, The picture on part of whole display is flashing Data cable is loosen Reconnect the UTP cable or re-insert the cable in the receiving card from the first cabinet where start flashing
10 .One cabinet does not work a. No power input  a. Check power input 
b. No signal input  b. Check UTP input cable or the output of previous output UTP cable 
c. Receiving card is broken (For b & c, green lamps on receiving card is not flashing) c. Replace receiving card with new one
11.One cabinet display different color with other cabinet a. Receiving card is loaded with wrong RCG file or broken  a. Set RCG file again or replace a new one 
b. Hub board is broken  b. Replace a hub board 
c. Power supply broken c. check the power supply and change a new one
12.One module does not work a. No power input  a. Check if the module connected with DC power 
b .No signal input  b. Check input flat cable or the output flat cable of previous module 
c. Module is broken c. Replace with new one
13.One module shows abnormal picture Some IC are broken or not soldered well Replace a new module
14. LED is lighting constantly or fade LED Lamp is broken Replace a new module